SSI Time Formats

%a Day of the week abbreviation Sun
%A Day of the week Sunday
%b Month name abbreviation (see %h)  Jan
%B Month name  January 
%d Date  01 
%D Date as "%m/%d/%y" 06/23/95
%e Date 1 (and not 01)
%H 24-hour clock hour 13 
%I  12-hour clock hour
%j Decimal day of the year 360 
%m Month number 11 
%M Minutes 08 
%p am | pm a.m. 
%r Time as "%I:%M:%S AM | PM" 07:17:39 PM 
%S Seconds 09 
%T 24-hour time as "%H:%M:%S" 16:55:15
%U Week of the year (also %W)  49 
%w Day of the week number 05 
%y Year of the century 95 
%Y Year  1995 
%Z Time zone  EST 

Common Errors

There are two common errors that you can make when using Server Side Includes. First, you should not forget the "#" sign:
Error : <!--echo var="REMOTE_USER"-->
Right : <!--#echo var="REMOTE_USER"-->
Second, do not add extra spaces between the "-" sign and the "#" character:
Error : <!-- #echo var="REMOTE_USER"-->
Right : <!--#echo var="REMOTE_USER"-->
If you make either of these two mistakes, the server will not give you an error; rather it will treat the whole expression as an HTML comment.