Computer Programming at Redwood -- Elective Classes
RHS Nibbles Computer Programming at Redwood
RHS Nibbles

Redwood's computer classes provide valuable real-world, hands-on experiences; we highly
recommend that all students take one or more of these courses during their time at Redwood.

Featured Courses:   Computer Programming 1-6 & AP

Redwood Computer Lab 279 Redwood offers seven Computer Programming course options for students in all grade levels.

Course Info:    Computer Programming Classes

Other Links:    Computer Labs -- Photos & Info

                        History of the Programming Lab

Play the Featured RHS
Student-Written Game:
(for Windows)
Note: When at Redwood, students should come to lab 279 to play CubeOn. The above link is for the HOME edition & for use when OUTSIDE of Redwood.

Learn how to write your own computer games & control robots!
Stop by Lab 279 to play CubeOn & other student-written games.

Screenshot:  CubeOn Splash Screen Screenshot:  CubeOn Level 79