Computer Use Agreement

Committing any of the violations below will result in the suspension of your computer privileges for at least one school day. Repeated infractions will result in progressively longer account suspensions and/or additional consequences.

Computer Use Violations
Bringing any food or drink (including water) into any computer area
Behaving in an inappropriate manner in, or violating the specific rules of, any computer area
Downloading and/or installing any programs (e.g., AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Companion, Yahoo Messenger, Google Earth, Google Toolbar, iTunes, WinRAR, WinZIP) or any inappropriate or unauthorized files (e.g., copyrighted music) into your computer account or on a local hard disk drive
Engaging in daytrading or online auctions or any other form of personal business or exchange of money
Viewing any inappropriate or blocked Web site or file
Scanning inappropriate documents (e.g., money, I.D., legal documents, pornography)
Modifying the hardware and/or software of any computer system or file server in any way
Sending any inappropriate e-mail (e.g., pornography, criminal activity, hacking information, threats)
Using and/or tampering with any other person's computer account, or allowing someone else to use your account
Printing multiple copies of any document, printing any document that is not school-related, or printing more than ten (10) pages in one day without specific permission
Connecting any non-Redwood hardware (e.g., your own laptop, personal computer, camera, external drive, CD-RW, DVD-RW) to any computer or to Redwood's wired network from within Redwood without specific permission
Running applications or loading operating systems or inappropriate files from a flash drive or other external device connected to an individual computer or to the Redwood computer network

Violations that are deemed serious (by a system or school administrator) may result in legal action being taken against the offending student. If you are ever unsure about whether a particular Web site, file, or behavior is inappropriate, err on the side of caution and do not load or save the site/file. For definitions of "inappropriate" and for more information, read the TUHSD Computer and Internet Use Agreement and talk to a system administrator.

It is the responsibility of any student who finds his/her account disabled to contact a system administrator (Dave Goldsmith, Room 279 or Becky Matsubara, Room 160). Having your computer privileges suspended means that you are not allowed to use any computer anywhere at Redwood, even if that computer does not require a local or network login. Doing so constitutes a more serious violation of the TUHSD Computer and Internet Use Agreement.

Redwood system and school administrators reserve the right to suspend the computer privileges of any student who violates any part of the TUHSD Computer and Internet Use Agreement. This includes any and all activities that may or may not be specifically listed on this page.

Download Forms (PDF format):  

       Computer Use Terms and Conditions
       Parent and Student Contract Agreement
       Redwood Violations and Consequences


Tamalpais Union High School District

Educational Computer Use and Internet Privileges
    The Marin County Office of Education and the Tamalpais Union High
School District provide educational computer accounts, allowing access
to the Internet.  Internet access is coordinated through a complex
association of government agencies and regional and state networks.
The smooth operation of the network depends upon the proper conduct of
the end users who must adhere to strict guidelines.  These guidelines
are provided here so that you are aware of your responsibilities.

    In general, the smooth operation of the network requires efficient,
ethical, and legal use of network resources.  If a user violates
any of the following terms and conditions, school computer use and
Internet privileges will be revoked and future access may be denied.
The signatures at the end of this document are legally binding and
indicate that the parties who signed have read the terms and conditions
carefully and understand their significance.  The Tamalpais Union High
School District computer use is governed by policies and administrative
regulations established by the Board of Trustees (BP/AR 6163.4-Use of
Technology, BP/AR 6162.6-Use of Copyrighted Materials).

Terms and Conditions
(for Educational Computer Use and Internet Privileges)
  1. Acceptable Use - The use of your school computers must be in support of education and research consistent with the educational objectives of your district. Use of another organization's network or computing resources must comply with the rules appropriate for that network.
  2. Unacceptable Use - Transmission of material in violation of any US or state regulation is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted material, illegal, threatening, harassing, violent or obscene material, and matter protected by trade secret. Altering or removing computer files not belonging to the user, installing unlicensed software, creating links to inappropriate materials, disconnecting equipment, and vandalism of any kind are also prohibited. Use for commercial activities is not acceptable. Use for product advertisement or political lobbying is also prohibited. Any transmission or reception of pornographic material is expressly prohibited and will result in the cancellation of your computer privileges.
  3. Privileges and Consequences - The use of school computers and the use of the Internet are privileges, and unacceptable use will result in the cancellation of those privileges. The system administrator may revoke privileges at any time as required. The administration, faculty, and staff of any district school may request that the system administrator deny, revoke, or suspend specific user privileges and that appropriate school disciplinary action be taken. Depending on the severity of the violation (to be determined by the system administrator and/or administration), computer privileges may be revoked for an extended period of time. A student who has his/her computer privileges revoked is not allowed to use any computer at her/his school site.
  4. Indemnification - The Marin County Office of Education and the Tamalpais Union High School District make no guarantees of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the service they are providing. The Marin County Office of Education and the Tamalpais Union High School District will not be responsible for any damages you suffer. This includes loss of data resulting from faulty software or equipment, delays, nondeliveries, misdeliveries, or service interruptions caused by their negligence or your errors or omissions. Use of any information obtained via the school computers and/or the Internet is at your own risk.
  5. Computer Use Rules a) Food and drink are not allowed in any computer area. b) Outside software is not permitted in any computer area; no software is to be downloaded, stored, or installed on any computer or in any computer account. c) Pirated software (warez) and MP3s are not to be downloaded or stored on any computer or in any user's account. d) Modification or removal of computer files that are not your own is not allowed. e) All copyright laws are to be observed. Copyrighted material is not to be placed in the system without the author's permission (BP/AR 6162.6-Use of Copyrighted Materials). f) You are not to move or disconnect any computer or peripheral device or piece/part of any equipment. Contact a supervisor or teacher concerning problems with any of the equipment. g) Appropriate behavior and common courtesy are expected at all times. h) You should not send anything to a printer unless you absolutely need a hard copy of the information; do not print Web sites without knowing exactly how many pages will be printed; do not print multiple copies of any document without specific permission. i) Do not read other users' electronic mail or files, nor attempt to delete, copy, modify, or forge others' files or e-mail. j) Do not interfere with others' ability to send or receive e-mail. k) Do not disseminate personal identification information about yourself or others, including personal address, social security number, and phone number. l) Do not use the network in such a way that you would disrupt the use of the network by other users. m) Do not use the system to encourage the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or any illegal/inappropriate activities.
  6. Security - Security on any computer system is a high priority, especially when the system involves many users. If you can identify a security problem on the network, notify your teacher, the system administrator, or the principal. You are not permitted to use another individual's account, and you should never allow anyone else to access your account. If, at any time, you feel that your password may have been compromised, see the system administrator immediately to have your password changed. You are responsible for all activity that occurs with your account. Attempts to login to the network as a system administrator or gain unauthorized access will result in the cancellation of your computer privileges.
  7. Vandalism - Vandalism will result in the cancellation of your computer privileges. Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to alter, harm, or destroy data of another user, computers, accessories, the Internet, or any of the above listed agencies or other networks that are connected to the Internet. This includes, but is not limited to, the uploading, downloading, or creation of computer viruses.
  8. Restitution & Consequences of Contract Violation - Students may be suspended or subject to other disciplinary actions for violation of this contract as provided in the current school Student/Parent Handbook under the provisions of Education Code 48900(k): disruption of school activities and willful defiance of the valid authority of the school. According to Board Policy 5131.5, students will be required to provide restitution for damages to school equipment while the student is logged into any computer. In the case of no physical damage, but the requirement of staff or student aide time to reconfigure a system, students will be charged at the rate of $50/hour for a minimum of one hour.
  9. Duration of Agreement - The duration of this agreement begins upon signing and ends when the student leaves the Tamalpais Union High School District. This agreement is binding in all district schools and will be included with all paperwork forwarded should a student change schools within the district.

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